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I suppose this may sound like an odd request, but I will cross my fingers.

Last year, I took up a fighting style, and befriended the people that I train with. One of them is from Romania and moved to Canada a few years ago.

Her birthday is at the end of January, and I was thinking of trying to make something nice for her. I can embroider and cross stitch, and I wanted to make her something nice, expressed in Romanian to surprise her, and I know she misses home.

"Happy birthday" in Romanian is "la mulţi ani" but that is such a short sentiment and I wanted something a bit longer.

If there is anyone who could be able to translate a short phrase that runs along the lines of "I cherish your friendship"? Or something about the bonds of friendship?

And as an afterthought, my friend is a fierce combatant, but I've been unable to find any quotes or proverbs commonly said in Romanian about battle. If there is anyone able to assist in that, I would be very grateful. She's been a wonderful friend and a source of inspiration to me so I wanted to embroider something special.

Thank you in advance

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