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Japanese help

I'm trying to translate this sentence, but it's giving me trouble because I'm going about learning Japanese completely backwards and context alone isn't helping me enough. So I'm hoping someone can help me with the grammar and a possible translation!


Some specific questions:

自分から: I suspect that this may need to be translated as one unit, rather than "jibun" and "kara" each being translated separately, but I can't figure out what it's supposed to be by running it through Google and checking context.

報告しに: The online dictionary I use wants to break it down into "houkoku" (report, information) and "shini" (die), and I'm not yet sure if that makes sense or if this can be broken down differently.

ぐらいになってもらいたい: My Japanese book tells me that "-te morau" works along the lines of "[do] for me, have [someone] do to/with me," with "ni" marking the doer of the action. In all the examples in the book, and when I plugged the phrase になってもらいたい into Google and checked what popped up, it seems that the doer marked by "ni" is a noun, which makes sense to me. How would ぐらい work in this phrase? Or should I be breaking the phrase down differently?

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Tags: japanese, translation

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