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How to practice French?

Hello everyone! I'm a 17 year old Mexican. I've been taught English since I was in kindergarden and overall I do fine in the language. About a year ago, I started learning French (Parisian French, to be precise) at school, though I only get two and a half hours of class per week, so my knowledge of the language is pretty basic (I know simple sentences, how to conjugate verbs ending with -er, passé composé, numbers, colors, places, etc.). I live in Tijuana, a border city. With English, I have the advantage of living next to the US (and over here we get a lot of radio stations and TV channels from San Diego), which does wonders in terms of practice.

I have only one semester left of preparatoria (which I guess is Mexican equivalent of high school, perhaps?) before I graduate and go to the University. I'm pretty sure that the Uni I'm going to offers French classes, so I don't really have a problem with that.

Now, unlike with English, I don't know how to practice French after classes. I don't have family or friends who know French. Most of my practice comes from listening to music, which is actually good since I have an easier time understanding French in written form than in spoken form.

Also, pronunciation is HELL for me. As much as I try to avoid it, my mind reverts to Spanish and I end up pronunciating things in the wrong way.

Any help is very apreciated :D
Tags: french, language fluency, pronunciation

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