..пьяный плюшевый кот..:) (blazh) wrote in linguaphiles,
..пьяный плюшевый кот..:)

Hello, everyone.

I am a Russian-speaking Canadian meaning to go to a British university to do there an MA in Translations Studies. So, I am hoping to hear from people who might share pertinent information in regard to:
a) specific schools that are well-recognized for their translation degrees;
b) universities whose programs are particularly well-suited for those meaning to work with Russian language;
c) programs that stand out from the rest in some way.

Also, from what I learned it seems that with Translation Studies one is likely to do most of the studies on his own. Is this statement true only in some cases? I feel like I would rather sign up for a program where one is expected to engage with other students.

Finally, I would prefer possibly a smaller picturesque town to a major urban area with Scotland being of particular interest to me.

Thank you all for the input!
Tags: translation

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