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Language from The Naked Prey (1966)

Hi, I just saw the movie The Naked Prey (1966) for the first time in years (it was part of the Criterion Collection, which I hadn't realized). I was wondering what language the African hunters were speaking. The credits reveal that it was filmed in "Southern Rhodesia" which is unsurprising given the Dutch names of the white actors. Anyway, here's a clip, talking starts at 5:05 (be warned that it involves people being executed, though to me the red paint in place of blood looks silly):

I strongly suspect that the filmmakers exaggerated the historical violence to make their point about "Man's bestial nature" or some shit, which is funny because most of those savage Africans were played by actors with English names. By the way, how well do the black actors act? I think I remember reading that a lot of them weren't professional actors.

EDIT: Come on, no one knows what language this is? In a comm of our size devoted to languages and linguistics?

EDIT 2: New video

See 1:52 for decently long argument in the language I asked about.

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