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Hey there,

My name is Barbara, and this is one of two of my LJ accounts, the one I usually devote to roleplaying characters.  I came here via little_details  which is why I subscribed on this one.

I'm an English teacher in Korea, though I was also an English teacher in California.  Here is EFL, there was high school literature and speech with an emphasis on 'at-risk' students.  English is the only language I can hold any kind of conversation in.  However, I've poked at several other languages.  You could say I'm fickle, or lack a years-long attention span.

French, high school and college, seven years total but ending over a decade ago.  I can read magazines if I keep a dictionary handy, and do sometimes.
Spanish I just picked up bits from growing up in the Los Angeles area and having Mexican-American friends and (former) in-laws.  That and growing up Catholic I've also picked up bits of Latin which dovetails nicely with French and Spanish.  I can listen to any of those three and tell you what the speaker's talking about, but usually I can't get details.
I attempted Scottish Gaelic on a whim but found the spelling and verb tenses too confusing.  Those books are back in the States, unfortunately.
For a roleplaying character I took a summer course in ASL and if I had to pick a favorite language, that would be it.  It's terrifically efficient, intuitive, and blunt, and yet capable of some interesting poetry.  I still use it to keep track of numbers.
I attempted Japanese in community college but flunked (it was my first course after a long absence, and I caught the flu in week 3).  I'm attempting it again now with a tutor, in hopes of getting a job there.
My Japanese tutor is sneaking bits of Korean into my lessons, for which I'm pleased.  The similarities between the two plus being surrounded by Korean means I'm attempting both languages at once.  I don't expect to master either, but it would be nice to be able to function a little bit in both.
This is my third year in Korea, and in year one I taught myself hangeul, the Korean alphabet.  Don't applaud me too much there, as it was designed precisely to be easy to learn.  This has let me pick up certain functional words in Korean, namely what shops carry what items.

I love the theory that how a language is structured both reflects and reinforces a certain way of thinking.  I used to LARP but there are just too many other things to do here, and not enough of the mystery-horror genre I prefer.  I'm a fan of Shakespeare and love what directors around the world have done with his plays.  I adore Poe, and it would be fair to call me a goth.  (Goth?  I'm pretty sure that's lowercase.)  I have a Bachelor's in philosophy and have flirted with the idea of a Master's in religion, but I'm not sure how to go about it.  

Oh, and I love cats, and speak Cat.  And a bit of Dog.  You can say they aren't languages, but they're communication systems, yes?  I can confine that to cat_lovers  if you like. 
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