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Okay, this is driving me crazy, so I'll try and articulate my question in words:

Is there a name for this sound that is used in Swedish, and French, for the way some people pronounce vowels? It's like... the throat is more closed, and maybe a bit blocked off by the tongue? IDK, I have trouble mimicking it so I don't know how accurate that description is-- part of why I'm asking haha.

To my ear, it's most pronounced in "i" vowels ("skriva") but in Swedish I have also heard it (in varying degrees) with a ("ja"), ä, and e ("svenska"). Is this something that varies by dialect? I don't hear it in every song I have; is it excluded in singing sometimes, or is it more probable that the singer in question simply does not pronounce vowels that way? Do people who use it use it all the time?

I feel dorky linking music for examples, but melissa horn does it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJtQJl6SM6k ("bli" was the first I noticed). I also hear it on the Swedish Pimsleur Compact program.

So, can anyone shed some light with linguistic terms or ipa symbols? Regions in the Swedish and French-speaking world here it's common? Other languages where it is used? People who even just know what I'm talking about? :'D I can't help but feel like I didn't articulate that well :I I NEED TERMS AHHH
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