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English pronunciation. NG.

 Hi  friends,

I have a bunch of questions about "ng" sounds in English.

Is there any rule of thumb which could help me to decide whether one must pronounce it as "ŋ" (singer = [siŋer]) or ŋg (longer = [loŋger])?

Besides, I visited Forvo and searched for "singer" pronunciation. Here are the results:

The curious thing is that a man from the United States pronounces "Singer" without the "g" sound (as it should be theoretically pronounced, I guess. [siŋer]. With the nasal ŋ in the middle). 

Marc Singer - pronounced by a man from the Great Britain. Also without "g" sound.
Singer Corporation - pronounced by a man from the Great Britain. He clearly pronounces "g".
Bryan Singer - pronounced by a woman from the United States. She clearly pronounces "g" in "Singer".

Is it because "Singer" is a name in Bryan Singer and a corporation name in Singer Corporation? Or these are just individual pronunciation features of those people?

How do you feel about people who pronounces "g" in words like "singer"? Do they sound uneducated to you? 
Thanks advance for your answers! Please don't forget to indicate where you are from. 
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