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I hope others here find this appropriate/useful...

In trying to learn and work with a couple of languages, I've had difficulty tracking down a couple of things I really needed: [1] resources for the more obscure of the two languages; [2] easy, non-pain-in-the-butt way to type accents quickly -- particularly if I'm jotting a short message to someone in the other, less-obscure language. Two things I recently found that help with both these things:

Freelang has downloadable, easy to use dictionaries in a bunch of languages. The program is small, and lo and behold, they had an English-to-Kabyle dictionary, which is what I was after (not easy to find, I assure you). They also have an online version, which is useful because it works if you're a Mac or Linux user (the download is Windows-only). I've had the program about a month, and it hasn't done anything annoying or untoward on my computer.

AX I found via Lifehacker. Also small, simple, and easy (unfortunately also Windows-only, sorry). To type accents, you just type the letter, then F8 -- and an accent appears. You hit F8 to cycle through characters to the one you want. I am very pleased with only having to do this, considering the alternatives I've found. Because I am lazy, is why.

Anyway, I just wanted to share those in case anyone else might find them useful.
Tags: dictionaries, internet resources, links, recommendations, software

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