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New spelling rules for Spanish

The RAE (Real Academia de la Lengua Española) is releasing a minor change in Spanish spelling rules (Reglas ortográficas). It is a very minor change

New names for B, V and Y
B is called "Be" in all countries (no longer should be called"be larga" in America)
V is called "Uve" (no longer "be corta")
W is called "Uve doble" (no longer "u doble" or "be doble")
Y is called "Ye" (no longer "Y griega")

New spelling for foreign countries
Iraq becomes Irak
Qatar becomes Catar

Less use of diacritic tildes
Old rule: "sólo" = only, "solo" = alone. Now, the tilde is unnecessary for both meanings
Old rule: "truhán", "búho", "guión". Since they can be pronounced as diphthongs, the tilde is considered unnecessary

The "o" (or) between numbers used to have a tilde which is no longer required. Old spelling: "Vinieron 5 ó 6 personas"; new spelling "Vinieron 5 o 6 personas"

A recent change also removed the tilde from the demonstratives "este/ese/aquel" (and the flexed variants in feminine and plurals) when they worked as pronouns (I. e. "Quiero este helado, éste que señalo", now becomes "Quiero este helado, este de aquí")

Discard hyphens in compounds using "ex", "anti" and "pro"
Old rule: Ex-presidente, anti-social, pro-vida
New rule: Expresidente, antisocial, provida.

(Since I studied with the former rules, I'm having a hard time to remove my tilde habits. I also witnessed the demote of CH and LL from letters to simple digraphs)


Edit: Thanks to oconel for the two missing rules I forgot
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