23 blue butterflies (bblue23) wrote in linguaphiles,
23 blue butterflies

Can anyone help me find a good audio sample?

I'm doing a project for my phonetics class. We have to find and transcribe a short audio or video clip that demonstrates an accent that is different from American Midwest accent that we speak here, and then imitate this accent in front of the class. It doesn't really matter what the person is saying, but the clip should not contain any bad language and should contain at least four sentences of at least eight words each. Since I'm doing it with a partner and we're both women, an ideal sample would be a dialogue between two women who speak a variety of British or Australian English, but a clip of just one person speaking would also be OK, if it is their natural way of speaking. We have been trying to find samples of Cockney accent, but it's really hard to find authentic samples, not just someone else imitating it. If you know of any suitable samples online, or if you speak a very different dialect from us and would be willing to record one for us, please let me know!

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