mamcu (mamculuna) wrote in linguaphiles,

ESL teacher-training in the southeastern USA?

The son of one of my friends wants to find an ESL teacher-training program in the southeastern US that is reliable. He doesn't have a BA, so I can't recommend the graduate program where I got my own training, and the other institution nearby is for missionaries, which is not appropriate for his religious background (his family is Buddhist). Can anyone recommend a program that might work for him? He would like to teach in Korea, so maybe someone knows a program that could help him find a position there or that would even train him there. He could handle an online program, but I'm not sure this is a subject that's best taught that way.

Or if there's another community I should ask? Thanks very much!

ETA: I suspect that he has been looking at programs like this:

These do not look very good to me, but possibly someone knows more than I do about them.

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