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radical fundamentalist digital artist

Hey Linguaphiles!

Due to the very nature of this community, I know some of you must be translators, or familiar with the world of translation, which I am considering.

I'm American with English as my first language. I've dabbled in German, French and Portuguese, and actually speak Spanish and Italian conversationally/rather competently, but I haven't reached fluency. Unfortunately, those are all popular languages (though none of the smaller universities in Minnesota offer Italian; I've had to teach myself, but it's not like it's something nobody speaks), so I'd have tons of competition if I tried. Thankfully I'm also working on Swedish as of a month or so ago (the WTF looks I get from anyone I mention this to is enough to tell me it's an uncommon second language at least in the US), and I'd like to become fluent. There's a degree program at the university I'm planning on going to for Scandinavian languages and Finnish (not sure if this includes Icelandic. Probably not, Iceland isnt really Scandinavia, though Iceandic is somewhere on that "want to learn" list ;)

My question is, will those 4 (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) be profitable when combined with English? Which languages are? My current interests lie with European languages (speaking geographically! Not necessarily limiting that statement to Indo-European, the family. I'm really excited for the opportunity to learn Finnish) for whatever reason; Japanese kanji scared me off of Japanese and therefore Chinese (not sure about other Asian languages, that use a phonetic system), I haven't tried any African languages yet. I'd prefer any suggestions that would take me to Europe though, especially since I have more motivation for that in general ;D Anything profitable on that continent?

If I develop fluency in 2+ other languages, is there a chance of me working between the two despite not being a native speaker? Given it's not two Scandinavian languages or Finnish/Swedish, for which I imagine translators are a dime a dozen (or almost unnecessary between the Scandinavian 3, lool) xD

I'll continue with Swedish for sure, I just want to know where I should put my degree and future career :I

Thanks for any info/suggestions. I am pretty sure I babbled way more than I had to; the topic of languages gets me talking for a loooong time, haha
Tags: translation, translation&interpreting

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