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... the 'please' bit is just my customers that are ...

Picture a day in the life of the BI developer, when a top CxO type executive approaches them and says: "Our customers are asking for better shipping efficiencies. I need a report that shows me our shipping costs by country, year on year, by shipping vendor and how many orders were shipped by any given shipping vendor to any country during any quarter, At any of these points, I want to be able to drilldown and expose the detail for the particular shipping Company and year, and this detail needs to include the Order Id, Customer details, Order total and the original shipping destination, and shipping vendor chosen. Oh yes, I need it for tomorrow morning's meeting please!"

OK, so the 'please' bit is just my customers that are nice to me because they know I can get them this info and fast.

In the typical BI implementation:

is the place
the 'please' bit is just my customers that are


" 'please' bit " means "the fact that he said please "?  if so, then {that fact of saying "please"} IS {customers that ...} ? it was explained to me in irc chat this way: "customers say/write or give this  'please' in whatever way to him because they know that he can get ....".
Also same meaning ("Слово "пожалуйста" в его просьбе указывает на то/является свидетельством того, что....) is here in russian, and from it i have found link to full version of this text .

if customers does not [would(?)] knew that he can get, they also would say please, and if customers [would(?)] knew that he cannot get it, but they had some hope, they also would say "please". so i do not understand.

i also have got this sentence in test, like said in the russian topic, i also have > (2010-10-29 21:34 utc+4 ) part of < previous text with word "please" omitted.
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