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Dutch 'v'


I'm curious about the pronunciation of the Dutch 'v'. I know that it's pronounced differently according to where one is—but what's most common? I'm been switching back and forth between /v/ and /f/: /f/ because it's easier for me and /v/ mainly to have a distinction between between 'f' and 'v'.

I'm not sure if this distinction actually important, as I don't know enough Dutch to tell. However, I'm guessing it might be, 'v' changes to 'f' in verb conjugations — leven -> leef — so to me it would make sense to have a distinction (i.e., voiced to unvoiced, just like 'z' to 's').

So I guess I'm having trouble deciding how to pronounce it (and now I'm starting to mix it...great). Is one pronunciation more common than the other(s)—or better yet, is there some kind of "official" Dutch pronunciation? (kind of like German with "Standarddeutsch")

Thanks for any help you all can give!
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