kati (this_bugs_4_you) wrote in linguaphiles,

french immersion programs/language courses?

hi all, i haven't posted in a while but i am a long-time admirer of this community :)

i'm interested in learning french (like, really learning it, not the awkward stunted speech i can produce after 3 semesters two years ago) and am hoping to save up enough money in the next few years to go take an immersion course somewhere.  does anyone have any personal knowledge of quality programs? 

i'm guessing i'll head to canada since i live in chicago and it must be cheaper to get there than to get to france :), but any suggestions in any country are welcome!!   what i've found from my research online are mostly 'vacation-y' type programs that last between 1-4 weeks, but i'm assuming i'm going to need at least several (in the neighborhood of six or more?) months to reach any level of fluency; meaning, any advice on how to make a living/get temporary residency in a french-speaking nation is welcome too :)

i apologize if this has been covered already in other posts!!  i looked through the memories but didn't seem to find this mentioned, specifically.

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