Sylvia (rheasilvia) wrote in linguaphiles,

Choosing the wrong kanji in text message

Hi everyone,

I'm writing a story set in Japan, and one of my Japanese characters is a very sloppy typist – when sending text messages by mobile phone, he often chooses the wrong kanji by mistake and doesn't correct the error before sending.

Unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese, so searching for likely typos in online dictionaries is a very risky business for me. ;-)

I need advice on two typos.

For the first, I've already tried to look up something suitable, but since I'm flying blind, I have no idea if it works at all. I suspect it doesn't... Plus, I don't even remember which kanji I picked out here, argh!

Intended text: It will be interesting.
Actually typed text: It will be a mortar.

For the second typo, my character texts a friend threatening him with dire (if unspecified) punishment if the friend dares to use his dreaded signature pun at the important audition he has that day, or uses more than the absolute minimum of other stupid puns and dumb jokes. The character's friend then texts back teasing him about having used a wrong kanji – and makes a dumb pun based on this mistake.

The exact text of the message is not specified, so there's some leeway as to the exact term that's misspelled.

Maybe someone here can help me with this issue? I would be very grateful for suggestions – especially suggestions that are easy to base a pun on!

ETA: Since I evidently wasn't very clear on this, what I am hoping for are suggestions for Japanese words that start with the same sounds as those words the character is attempting to type - words that he can then choose from the cell phone's predictive text feature by mistake.

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