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Help: Learning IPA and re-studying some Linguistics

Hello Linguaphiles!

I'm a first-time poster but have been participating in the discussions in this awesome group for awhile and now I have two questions I hope you can help me with.

The thing is that I've just finished a bachelor's degree majoring in Special Education and minoring in English. But now I sort of changed careers and am entering graduate school as a Linguistics major two weeks from now.
And in order to hack it I really need to brush up on some of the basic linguistics skills I acquired in undergraduate school where I have mostly studied language acquisition, syntax and semantics.

So here are my two questions for you:

a) For Linguistics 101 I never had to learn the IPA to do phonetic transcriptions. Now I'd really be glad if somebody knew a good website or book I could learn in from rather quickly.

b) I need to re-study Phonology/Phonetics and Morphology on a rather sophisticated level. So I'm looking for comprehensive self-study books to help me with that. English as well as German titles are welcome. =)
So far I have worked my way through "Contemporary Linguistics" and have a copy of the "Studienbuch Linguistik" I used to look up a few things for a basic course last term.
I also worked with the Cambridge textbooks on Semantics and Minimalist Syntax and was not really happy with them for various reasons. =(

I'd be very, very happy if you guys could help me out on this one.

Thank you very much in advance. =)
Tags: books, english, german, ipa, linguistics

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