Haz (kapitankraut) wrote in linguaphiles,

Two "Teach Yourself" courses

For a variety of reasons, I'm thinking of picking up either "Teach Yourself Icelandic" or "Teach Yourself Swedish" (or both). Does anyone have good or bad experiences with either that they'd care to share?

Background-wise, I'm a native English speaker with more than a decade of German behind me as well as some functional Dutch, so Germanic languages don't scare me off. I'm not planning on learning either language because I "have to", but rather because they both interest me.

My plan for Swedish is to use the "Teach Yourself" as a second step, after getting my hands on Larsson's Millennium Trilogy in the original language and sort of throwing myself into the deep end with them and the DVDs thereof. That may or may not work as a serious way of studying a language, but it's a method I've never tried before. Given that some of the Amazon reviews suggest that the course is a bit more "throwing yourself into the deep end", that makes me think it's the right way to use it.

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