cátia (akhmatoval) wrote in linguaphiles,

Bonjour tout le monde.
I am taking a translation class this semester for French and I quite like it, even though it is challenging. We have to translate this small handful of sentences from The Economist and I can't help but feel like I'm using 'depuis' incorrectly here:

L'économie australienne s'est développé de 1.2% depuis la deuxième trimestre et de 3.3% depuis l'anée précédente. Les résultats plus que prévu ont été poussé par l'éxpasion des produits d'exportation en Chine, le partenaire commercial le plus grand d'Australie.

And here's the original:

Meanwhile*, the Australian economy grew by 1.2% in the second quarter and by 3.3% on the previous year. The better-than-expected results were mainly driven by expanding exports to China, Australia's biggest trading partner.

*I decided to not include the 'Meanwhile' in the translation because the photocopy that my professor provided us with had little snippets like this with all different stories, so with just this section alone, the 'Meanwhile' seemed insignificant.

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