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Flashcards for Chinese?

Hi, all. I started taking a Chinese class last month, and it's become very clear to me that I need to make some flashcards for it. I'm not used to using them, though, and I'm having trouble deciding what to put on each side so I was wondering if anyone who's made flashcards for Chinese in the past would be willing to share what worked best for them. My options, as far as I can see:

-character on one side and pronunciation on the other
-character and pronunciation on one side, meaning in English on the other
-character and meaning on one side, pronunciation on the other
-character on one side, meaning and pronunciation on the other

I'm mostly an auditory learner, so this is really more about recognizing the characters than about remembering the pronunciations. I know I'm probably overthinking this, but I was wondering what you all would recommend. Thanks!
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