Franzi (franzeska) wrote in linguaphiles,

Oh look, another one of those interminable lyrics posts!

I've got some questions about Los de atrás vienen conmigo by Calle 13. These are mostly about place names and culture rather than straight translation requests.

1. Tampoco me criaron / con leche de polvito.
I know what this is saying literally, but do you think it has some cultural meaning I'm missing?

2. Soy la mezcla de todas las razas / batata, yuca, platano, yahutia y calabaza.
Generic metaphor or references to specific groups? I'm thinking generic metaphor.

3. En Puertorro si no la hace, tiene que hacerla.
Is this an expression or just nonsense made up to make the lyrics scan properly?

4. Villa España, Covadonga, Barbosa y Llorens / en Tierra Canal en las Monjas también.
Another transcription has "fuertes tierras, Canales, las Monjas también". I take it the first part at least is referencing neighborhoods in San Juan, Puerto Rico. What about the second part?

5. Ojalá en barrio Trece y el Dieciocho se unan.
LA gangs? Neighborhoods somewhere?
Tags: lyrics, spanish

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