Iris (sobdasha) wrote in linguaphiles,

English to Spanish translation request

I'd asked someone for help translating a few phrases into Spanish, and it was all well and good until I realized I had a few more questions I missed the first time around and my help happened to be unavailable. So now I turn to you!

I am looking specifically for Spain!Spanish.

1) I asked for "I reaaally like you" (and got "Me caes muchísimo muchísimo") and also "I'd reaaally like one/it" (and got "Taaaaaanto que lo me gustaría"), because I was not sure which one I'd need. I'm still not sure which one I'd need, so my new plan is to combine them both together! So can someone give me the Spanish for "I'd reaaally like one from you!" or "I reallly want you to give me one!" (whichever sort of way of saying it works best in Spanish)?
Context, because it is probably useful: a rude little boy talking to a young adult woman; the "one" in question is "un beso."

2) Can someone give me the Spanish for "I'm leaving" (as in "I am leaving home and running away")?
Context, again: a rude little boy talking to an adult man whom he doesn't respect at all.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: spanish, translation request

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