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Hello linguaphiles!

I would like recs for Latin grammar/self study books - the amount of choice I have is very confusing! This is the situation: I am currently in France, on my year abroad, and have chosen to take a Latin module. I'm a native BrEnglish speaker and I'm not sure how well I will cope with learning a another language. I want a sort of self study book, so that I can go over points I haven't managed to grasp. Also, I'm only in France for one semester; I'm going to be studying in Italy next semester and I'm not sure if they have a similar module. I'd like a book that can sustain me over these months, until I get back to my 'normal' uni next September.

I'd like a book that explains grammar in an interesting way, with perhaps a few key phrases etc (I'm *not* looking for a holiday style phrase book - although why would you need Latin on holiday? haha) Any recommendations?

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