Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in linguaphiles,
Oh, Snap!

Identifying languages in music

I like to tag my music with the language it's in, if I know it. This is a big project, because I have a lot of music where I just can't tell. I'll probably be posting more questions, but for now -

- Is anyone familiar with Sister Marie Keyrouz? She's released several albums of Christian music from the Middle East. Most songs are Semitic languages; a few seem to be in Greek.

I can't identify for sure the Semitic languages used as I haven't studied any. I can find out what it's most likely to be but I don't like to tag something unless I'm sure. I hope some of you either have the liner notes and there's more information there, or you can tell what language the title tracks are.

Maronite Chant Track list (probably mostly Syriac? if you can say "not arabic" that also helps, that makes it much more likely to be Syriac)

Melchite Chants track list (probably mostly Arabic except for the first one?)

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