narcissus1 (narcissus1) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello Linguaphiles..I need a bit of help. For an assignment, my classmates and I are interested in finding out the differences, if any, of language use of students from different fields of study on our campus. Say, for example, engineering students versus law students - do their vocabularies and language styles differ, and if so, to what extent? We're still doing the literature review at this stage, but the problem is, we've found absolutely no literature to review. We've searched high and low and haven't found any references that are even vaguely relevant. I was hoping some of you guys here would know of something that we can use.

We're at an international university in Malaysia that uses English as the main medium of instruction. English is a second or third language for almost all the students, and about 60 to 70 percent of students are local. We'll be looking at the students' written English.

This assignment is for a research methodology class, and so we need to have a lit review as it will contribute to our grade. Plus, we're not entirely sure on how to proceed with this, and were hoping to get a bit of guidance from previous studies. I'd appreciate any help at all with this, thank you.

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