Iris (sobdasha) wrote in linguaphiles,

Handwritten Japanese help

I'm working on translating a comic from Japanese into English, and a few parts that are handwritten are giving me a little trouble. Hopefully someone with more familiarity will be able to help me decipher them.

I think I've got: ちょー Xそんの 自分
Anyone know what should replace the X?
ETA: And now that I look at it after having another section corrected, I wonder if it should actually be Xいてんの?

I'm good from "ロマーノ!!!" onwards, but I'm hesitant about several of the kana before that and I don't think I can pick out enough radicals in the kanji to make an attempt at figuring it out.

I think I've got: どから出してんねん その猫なでXッ

Thanks in advance!
Tags: japanese

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