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Teaching English/Italian

Hello, community!

I have a challenge I was hoping I could get some guidance with.

I am an American teaching English in Japan. I have American-flavored International English. I should be receiving a natively-speaking Japanese adult male private student with intermediate business English soon who will have six months to prepare for a two-year stint for his company in Italy, possibly Firenze. I also have Spanish, but not Italian (though I've travelled there, so I have some of the phrasebook variety and a small historical phonology project including Italian from my days as a linguistics student). He has no Italian at all.

I, obviously, can't teach him everything, and his English is sufficient that there's no need to worry about his being able to muddle through, and I'm not qualified to give instruction in Italian. His office language will be English, but there aparently aren't too many of his compatriots in Italy (his information) and his life outside the office will be in Italian. He is primarily concerned with reading comprehension.

I generally teach my intermediate and higher level students prefixes, roots and suffixes when vocabulary is a concern as I find they pack an appropriate punch and my students can begin to associate with new/unknown lexical items in a similar way to how they deal with the same situation with kanji in Japanese--it's an oportunity to build a bridge for the coping techniques they already have and my more avid students will spread the love pretty quickly on their own to other literacies, for those who don't do it themselves at least I've created a foothold to drag in some other info...

Anyway! What I would really appreciate is LOTS of examples of cognates between Italian and English so I can try to introduce how to parse some Italian in a similar context to the English root system, as I lack the Italian vocabulary and my Internet access for research is limited to my cellphone for the time being (I have been recently transfered to a new school and getting connectivity takes some time...)

Also, any other ideas/suggestions...


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