Séthe ♥ (sca_sethe) wrote in linguaphiles,
Séthe ♥

Raising a Child to be Bilingual...

If I ever have a kid, I always thought that I'd try to start the child early and raise that child to be bilingual. I've read some posts on the matter, but my situation has a slight catch - I, most likely, will still live in the US and American English is my first language.

Just for curiosity sake, would it be a bad idea to take advantage of the amazing amount of information a child can absorb and use it to have the child be bilingual?

Additional information: I'm leaning toward Spanish as the other language, but I'm not fluent in it at the moment. The father in mind isn't Spanish either and the only way I can set up a situation to use Spanish is just at home and if I can connect with a native speaker.

Thoughts? Pros? Cons? Any thought in the matter would be appreciated ^^ 

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