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Japanese font for a webpage

I'm having a bit of trouble assessing a Japanese font. I'd be grateful if any native speakers with a decent amount of exposure to text could go to the following webpages:


... and tell me whether the font I've used for the Japanese segments of text seems "appropriate". The site is my personal business website, and while I'd like a sans-serif Japanese font, I'd like it not to look too casual.

It's one of the M+ series of public-domain fonts that I'm using as a @font-face, but looking at it now it suddenly seems a bit too "informal" to me.

As it's the only Japanese font that I'm aware of that's open-source (i.e. @font-face compatible), I'd be hard pressed to replace it, but will have no alternative if it looks weird. If anybody knows of others, btw, please do let me know.

I've manually kerned it, too, so please tell me if the spacing between each character seems a bit wide (I have no experience with Japanese kerning!).

Thanks very much for your time!

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