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Hello everyone!

I have a question that might seem a bit unconventional... I'm writing fanfic right now, and my two main characters speak a lot of languages. It's a language-themed fic, and that's what I need help with. I'd like to know if anyone knows of any pillow talk that could be considered funny. I'm especially looking for something that a man might say while in bed with a woman. Most people would probably say things like "Oh god!" in moments like that, especially the closer it gets to the end, but I'm looking for something she can make fun of him for later, something you just wouldn't expect as a native English speaker.

I remember this being a question on a TV show quiz a long time ago, so I know some languages have hilarious things people shout during sex, I just don't know where to find a list of these things.

The language doesn't really matter, there are a few languages I've already included in the fic, but most of them are fictional, so I'll take whatever you can give me!

Thanks a lot in advance!
Tags: howdoyousay

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