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Arabic help!


I've been studying Arabic, but I'm still at a really beginner level and I've got to translate these book titles for work. I only had the romanized names, unfortunately, so I've tried to use romanization that's clear, but even then I was working off some obviously crappy romanization in the first place, so I've noted where I think I've done it wrong.

aṣdiqā aṭ-ṭabīʿah - I think this may be something like "friends from nature" but who knows
nadim fi ṣarī - I may have done this wrong, no idea what it is
qahwajiyat 3 - something to do with coffee??? haha, probably not, author is also called Qahwaji so...
as-safhah ath-thaniya - I can't even try to do this right, obviously it involves the number 6 though... I think
hiwar al-hufat wal-aqarib - may also be wrong

If anyone is remotely able to parse these titles (and I apologize sincerely for the person who rendered all of this to me in such an opaque fashion), my boss and I will be hugely grateful.

(If it helps, the ISBNs for these books are respectively 9789953191430, 9789953488509, 9789953212906, 9789953213194, and 9789953212586. But I don't use Arabic search engines, so I can't get them to come up anywhere that would give me the ACTUAL Arabic-alphabet titles for translation purposes.)

Thank you!
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