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Native Japanese support on PC web browsers?

Hope this is the right place to ask:

I'm designing a front page for a website, and I'd like it to have parallel columns of English and Japanese text, for the sake of accessibility (I don't really want to relegate the Japanese to a separate page, as there's really only going to be one box of it).

I'm wondering whether this is a sensible idea from a browser encoding perspective. I'm using a Mac, all of which have system-level native support for Japanese characters, but do XP, Vista and/or Windows 7 come with support in UTF-8 for Japanese characters, or must it be separately installed? Is Japanese text viewable by default in browsers on PCs?

As far as I'm aware, newer versions of fonts like Arial should have Japanese character encoding in them by default, (being OpenType) but still.

IF ANYBODY KNOWS THEY DON'T HAVE JAPANESE LANGUAGE SUPPORT SPECIFICALLY INSTALLED, I'd be extremely grateful if you could visit the following link:

http://www.asahi.com/ (the homepage of the Asahi News Corporation)

... and comment with what browser, browser version, and OS you're using, and what you see (Japanese characters? Random gibberish? Boxes? A prompt asking you to install Japanese support?).

Thanks very much for your time and advice!

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