ј (inshalah) wrote in linguaphiles,

Motivation issues

I'm fluent in my first and second language (I was raised bilingually) and English (passed the CPE exam last December). Throughout my life I've also dabbled in several other languages (namely Italian, French, German, Latin, Spanish). I enjoyed studying them very much, but I've never succeeded at breaking that barrier between "normal" (e.g. B2 level) and high proficiency (C1 and C2 levels). The only language I've done this with so far is English. I'm 19, so I realize I still have time, but I feel a bit guilty because with my learning curve I could've become fluent in at least one more language in the last 2 years if I'd put my back into it. The problem is that I'm lacking motivation. Apparently the awareness that everyone speaks English nowadays and that French, German and Italian would be super useful for my future career is not enough to get myself together. How do I motivate myself?

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