Panda Girang (harehare) wrote in linguaphiles,
Panda Girang

need translation to as many language as possible, please

"Satu-satunya pertanyaan adalah; tuluskah?"

in English it will be something like: "The only question is; Are you honest/sincere?"
I'm not sure which one i should use, sincere or honest?
This question popped into my mind after listening some politician doing his speech.
So i want to ask "are you (honest/sincere) in doing this? no hidden motives? not for your own profit?" or something like that.
I thought it would be cool if i can write it somewhere in different languages.

Btw the line in Indonesian doesn't have any subject, so can you translate it to something subjectless? without "you" or "he/she"?

Thank you for your help.
Tags: multiple languages

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