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Slightly Nitpicky Help With Japanese Term of Not-Quite-Endearment

I've been struggling with this one via Google and unfortunately my usual go-to person for help with Japanese is unsure of the answer either. Basically, I am looking for a term that someone would use to address a somewhat illicit lover. I know that aijin is the term FOR a mistress/illicit lover, but not how that can be used precisely.

The situation is not a normal every day one since this is a spirit being addressing a person, and I generally write the spirit's phrasing as very formal, though their relationship with the person is very close. The spirit is female and the person is male - her attitude to him is somewhat teasing.

The exact context, for anyone passing familiar with Bleach, is a sword spirit addressing their shinigami - in this case it is Kyouraku's (female) spirit Katen Kyokotsu talking to him inside his head. As I generally write her she is alternately playful and disdainful of him and never addresses him as master. In the manga he does refer to her in passing as his mistress, and she been portrayed as very like an oiran in the anime. So really I want a term that implies "illicit lover" that she would say to him as opposed to what she would say about him to another person.  It may boil down to a more suggestive term of endearment as opposed to "darling" or "honey",  or it may not....

I have a sense this will be a tricky one :| so thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
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