ottavina (ottavina) wrote in linguaphiles,

Bilingual round table discussion

I live in a community that has a lot of English speakers, a lot of Spanish speakers, and many of them (them = people from both groups) do not have the patience to endure beginning to intermediate language attempts, so the two groups are quite separate.

I have gotten to know some of the Spanish-speaking folks, and we are attempting to get together to help each other work on our non-native language efforts.  So far, every meeting, we focus on a particular grammatical structure or two, we bring a written paragraph that is read and corrected, and we just talk. 

So, my question is this:  are there any resources for something like this?  Are there any general ESL or Spanish learning resources that you would deem appropriate for such an informal attempt at improving our language skills?

Also, any suggestions for retaining  one foreign language while trying to improve another?  I studied Spanish for four years in high school.  In college, I studied German, lived in Germany for over a year, worked VERY HARD to learn as much of it the best I could, and after that, my access to Spanish knowledge is spotty.  I can read much of it, I can comprehend some of what I hear ( though, often it goes by faster than what I can grasp), but it is difficult to drag a simple sentence out of my mouth.  I want to improve my Spanish, but I don't want to make my German knowledge inaccessible.

Thanks in advance!

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