iloveasailor (iloveasailor) wrote in linguaphiles,

Multiple books?

Hello! I searched through the tags to see if I could find an answer to my question - forgive me if I missed the answer somewhere in there.

So, I am looking in to learning two different languages right now. One (German) I took for 3 years in high school, and did quite well with it, so I've decided to pick it up again. However, I'm choosing to start from the very beginning to refresh my memory and work on things I didn't grasp very well. I also started looking in to Norwegian a bit, which I know nothing about, basically. I went to my local library to take out a few intro and grammar books, and they all look really useful, but as I sat down to start learning, I got a little stuck. I have 2 intro to Norwegian books, one with CDs and one without. Should I do the first lesson from each book, then the second from each, etc.? Or would it be a better option to work through one book on it's own, and then the other? Would it be at all helpful to read through the grammar books now even though I may not understand a lot of it, or should I hold off on those until I make it through the intro stuff?

I'm probably way too unorganized to be doing this, but I'm determined. =P I'm definitely going to read through the tags some more, and any other advice you could throw at me is appreciated.
Tags: books, grammar, learning languages

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