iddewes (iddewes) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hi all, I haven't really posted here before but always find the posts interesting! ;)
I was wondering if any of you are technical as well as linguists...? I'm mainly just the linguist part, unfortunately.
Basically...I recently got a new computer, which has Windows 2007. I cannot figure out how to add languages on Window 2007. I have looked at help sites but they aren't much help. They keep wittering on about language packages. Do I have to pay for some extra package so I can have more than one language on here? It was so much easier with Windows 2003...
Thanks in advance!


Managed to do it now, but thanks for all the replies! :) It is Windows 7 (I'm not good with names of things either!). I don't know what I was looking at before but I just couldn't figure it out before, but just now I've managed to do it. I am fine with it being input languages, I don't really need the display to be in another language. :)

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