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Danish Help & Welsh Help

Hello community!

I'm going to Copenhagen for a semester next month. I don't spean Danish yet but my Norwegian is pretty good and my Icelandic is okay, so when reading Danish is really okay for me. I struggle a bit with understanding when they speak but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Now, the real killer for me is talking! I need to listen to a lot more of that language to be able to actually talk it. Whenever I try I just end up talking Norwegian with a silly accent which might even end up sounding offensive!

I'm sure I'll be fine once I'm there. But I'm planning on taking a Greenlandic language course there which will be held in Danish and it'd be a lot handier if I'd get more than just the gist of it!
So my question is: Does anyone have a good site for watching stuff in Danish? My two textbooks and their CDs are just so horribly boring. I'd be greatly appreciated. 

My other shout of for help regards Welsh. I study with "Teach yourself Welsh" and the CD and I also got the book on grammar. While I think the books are very good, I still struggle a lot with the language. Does anyone have any helpful ideas? Anyone actually pulled off being able to speak it fluently without having to move to Wales?

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