Janet (viewfinder47) wrote in linguaphiles,

french resources?

hi guys i only recently found this community but this is my first post! =) i'm a high school student and currently studying japanese and french at school.

i have a flaw in that i start losing interest in something if it becomes too hard. but i find that languages are ok if i find something i like in it, eg. animes and other comedic shows that are easier to understand for japanese. i don't use these as the majority of my study but it helps me stay interested. but it's hard to find things like these for french? i was wondering if any of you could recommend any little shows/series' that are light/comedic (or anything simliar!) that i could watch/read/whatever now and then? i checked the resource list already but viedemerde is the only one on there and i was already aware of it =/.

thanks in advance!

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