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Classical Chinese poem

Hi, everyone. I've been reading an old book from the Seventies about Classical Chinese poetry, The Art of Chinese Poetry by James J.Y. Liu. Most of the poetry he provides as examples is in his own translations, and while he sometimes gives Chinese titles for them, he doesn't always. I found this one by Wang Anshi that I really like, but I think the translation is kind of lousy - can anyone point me to the Chinese original? Also, if you know any better translations that'd be helpful. (And yes, this inquiry is post-Googling).


Almond Blossoms

A stone bridge spans the vast void,
A thatched hut overlooks the clear water.
I feel the image is as good as the original:
Charming as the Lady of the Ching-yang Palace
Who, smiling, leapt into the well.
Sad it is to see the tiny ripples
Spoil her fading make-up beyond repair.

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