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Fonts for Phoenician and Cyprotic, and Phoenician numbers

So, as a fun side-hobby right now, I've been working on a conlang, and the written system I decided to have some fun with and use a lot of characters or variants of characters from Phoenician and Cyprotic and the like... the only problem is that my computer (rather unsurprisingly) does not appear to have prexisting font of any kind that includes them. (Right now I'm on an old Windows XP computer, though my laptop at home is running Vista)

While I could settle for borrowing random characters from multiple languages (like  Hebrew and Arabic and Algerian and Greek and such, all of which are supported on my home computer) and reassigning them to random phonemes and the like... I'd honestly rather have the flavor of something more old-school, but not quite so old-school that it's pictographic. That, and I just love the look of Cyprotic and Phoenician and would kind of like to learn the writing systems in the process anyway. 

So obviously, unless I give up or decide to draw it in Paint or something, I need to find a font that includes those, or create one. The problem with each of those being, I don't have money to splurge on a non-freeware font (the only, utterly awesome-looking font collection I could find that had ancient languages like that - it even has Oscan and Coptic!-  charges to get the full version)... and I've never created a font before. I have no clue how to go about starting it.

Anybody who could give me some tips or a direction to point myself to on either of these would be awesome :)

Also, on a somewhat related note, I am having trouble finding images of the Phoenician numerical system. Even Wikipedia annoyingly does not have the images for the number system, and while it describes some of them (1-4, 10, 20), it fails to describe what the number character would be for the number 5 at all. Anybody at least have an image of it somewhere?

ETA: Gah, sorry, forgot I was typing in Rich Text format and not HTML !


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