ain't no grave gonna hold my body down (echosequence) wrote in linguaphiles,
ain't no grave gonna hold my body down

Quick question: how would you pronounce the word/name "Lebanon"?

Background: I was reading this blog entry about a road trip through America and the writer mentions coming to Lebanon, Illinois, and remarks that locals apparently pronounce it "Leba-nun." I'm from near Pittsburgh and every kid knows the Century III Chevrolet commercial song that mentions "Lebanon-Church Road, Pittsburgh (minutes from the mall!)" and in my adult life I've driven on Lebanon-Church road more times than I could count, and I would also roughly pronounce it "Leba-nun", though perhaps more accurately "Leba-nin" if said quickly. And I couldn't for the life of me think of another way to pronounce this word. Why is "Leba-nun" a remarkable pronunciation? Maybe I'm missing something, haha.


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