gin & kerosene (ugly_boy) wrote in linguaphiles,
gin & kerosene

French: algues bleu-vert, mais algues bleues ?

Why is it that the French term for blue-green algae is algues bleu-vert and not algues bleue-verte or algues bleues-vertes, since algue is feminine? Also, is this term used much in Europe or is it mostly a Québécois term? I ask because most of the references I've found appear to be from Québec, such as this from the OQLF, which uses both algues bleues and algues bleu-vert. Is there another, common term used elsewhere? I suspect that cyanobactérie is no more common in French than cyanobacteria is in English.

My French is extremely rusty, so go easy on me! Thanks in advance.
Tags: french

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