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Could someone please translate some of the lyrics of this song, "Marabahaya," for me? It's by Project E.A.R., a collaboration between members of the bands Ahli Fiqir (Singapore), Pop Shuvit (Malaysia), Saint Loco (Indonesia), Slapshock (Philippines), Silksounds (Thailand) and Thaitanium (Thailand).

I'm okay with the English and Tagalog/Filipino parts, but I need help with the rest--which may or may not be both Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu; my untrained eye can't tell the difference between the two.

video with lyrics:

Jauh ku meluncur jauh semakin jauh
Kanan kiriku tiada hanya di depanku
Laju ku laju dan tuju kan ku tuju
Hujung garis ku tawan terhitam putihlah jajahku

(Silksounds part)
Danger hir, danger der
I can be dat dangerous, big like noturious
living before of us, Revolutionary Rap
That's y wer glorious, that's y dey calling us E.A.R.

We got da fire and flesh
dats we standng tall
and da tower n our cities
we can see it on da far

Shining bright, candle light
I can be dat star, I can be dat far
like 30 seconds of mars

(Pop Shuvit part)
Dey call me Mediaval Black you know
to da revolution tu santu ra tuji matu tura man ku biya
best of da friends if we fight, u sucka friends
but i am hir to reborn, I am Legend

(Toto part)
Lita la akus, tsala kus, gaya kus
gara rarikus timula lakus ,la kul ko baby
naw raku kalat su lu moku ni R.I.P.
bela la karapatan tsa kus ter su


(Thaitanium part)
What we come tru, u know wer dangerous (MARABAHAYA)
is dis show wer on a revolution, so come togeder now

Welcome to sky now, 10stories high now
we type of walking dangerous, haste was hey ok
I know dey aims us, gangsters cleaning us
leaning us, think dis rapper can prevail us
we got dem right E.A.R.
Adjustmnt, wer pumping, we blow up
i was diffrent, dis hip rock 7 will nver go bak down
if u cheers rap now and show me some sort of ur bak now
u can take it bakground dis oficial steps

Im da life, you die, we die
so but, we talk, to u now u die
i can let you so wat so da father will die
to take a little long, loop a loop and loop da dupe
i make me loop, and maybe u can put ur leg in petrusion
to da book of da New Asian East REEEEEEEEE

(Slapshock part)
Nabuhay sa isla ng pilipinas
Sa bawat tira, hnd tumakas hnd umiwas
sa musika nakita ang aking mga pangarap
hnd nag alinlangan, lumaban ako sa hirap!!

Ilang beses na akong nasugatan
sa gabi't araw
nguni't pinilit kong lumaban sa ating nkaraan
D mo na ako mapipigilan, sa ano mang laban
titigan mo ang aking galit sa aking mga mata!

(Scream mode)



Thanks in advance!

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