Your Very Own (lovemedammit) wrote in linguaphiles,
Your Very Own

Turkish listeners! (Speakers okay, too!)

A friend of mine sent me this video and asked me what the hell is going on.

My Turkish is a little bit awful so I wanted to check this with people who will definitely know better than I do.

First Guy (non-crazy, before jumping): "In Aleppo (city), they say I jumped 70 Turkish yards."

Crazy Guy begins his crazy shit.

Lady Host: "Sabri Bey, what are you doing?"

Crazy Guy: "Forget it."

Lady Host: "Go ahead, sit down."

Crazy Guy: "Forget it, forget it. This is off topic."

Lady Host to Crazy Guy: "Let's collect ourselves. Let's go outside and get ourselves together." to Other Guests: "Fatih, come back. You, too, Omer Bey" to Audience: "Yes, well, it's obvious. There will be no discussion of this. This was a show. What you saw was an [idealized?] incident..."

I'm particularly unsure of the end, when the host addresses the audience again.
What did I flub? Where?

Thanks, arkadaşlar!

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