cocte177 (cocte177) wrote in linguaphiles,

Advice needed

Hello fellow linguaphiles!

I have a question of a weird nature for you all.

I'm Italian and I majored in Chinese and English last year. Now I'm attending a postgraduate course in Translation and Interpreting. Since I'm sick of studying Chinese (I did it just out of duty and I think I'm never going to spend again a single day in China), I need to study a 3rd language.
I've already taken a few class of German some 3 years ago and I also know a little French. Despite an initial crush on German, I now recognize I don't like the way it sounds, while on the contrary French sounds very beautiful to me (and I know most of you will agree on that). I should now add that I also have a secret, long-time passion which is the Greek language.
So, my question for you is: Should I continue studying German (which will also be very useful for a future job), or should I start with French (very easy to learn for us Italians) and Greek together (I had 5 years of Ancient Greek in high school)? 

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