Charissa (obsessiongirl) wrote in linguaphiles,

Happy chair is happy.

I was suddenly wondering where this usage originates.

"Happy chair is happy." (as seen here)

I've seen it used in different contexts, I'm guessing it's just for added emphasis, really... but does anyone know when this all started, and where it originates? ("The internet" is not a place, if it was online, any ideas in which communities?)

I tried googling it but couldn't think of how to search for it.

Other examples:
"Horrible day was horrible"
"Epic game is epic"

Also, what do you think about this? I use this structure myself at times... But only when I'm joking or on Facebook. Personally I think it can be funny but most of the time you would be better off just explaining why something is horrible, happy or epic.

Tags: phrases

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