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Translations for Avatar: The Last Airbender fan tribute

Hi linguaphiles!

In the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, the character Iroh has a song entitled "Leaves from the Vine" that's a tribute to the late Mako, who voiced him. My friend dungeonwriter is starting a translation project of the song as a fan tribute to both Mako and Mike & Bryan (the creators of the show) in appreciation of their work. She'd love any and all help translating the fairly short lyrics (just 27 words in the English version) into as many languages as possible; if any of you are artists or musicians, we'd also love your help setting the translated lyrics to music.

If you're interested in helping out, there are more details here, and an example of a translation of the song into Mandarin.

Thanks so much!

PS: I don't know why, but the tags page isn't letting me remove the "brazilian portuguese" tag. So, while that'd be a lovely language to add to the translation list, this post isn't directly related to it, and if a mod could assist in removing the tag, that'd be great. Thanks :)
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